Jawaban dari pertanyaan yang sering ditanyakan tentang sekolah surfing kami di Kuta dan Sanur, Bali.

Pertanyaan dan jawaban, beserta beberapa pemahaman, penerapan dan contoh kasus. Semua yang ingin Anda ketahui tentang surfing di Bali, sekolah surfing di Kuta, spot surfing di Canggu atau di Uluwatu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Di manakah sekolah surfing ini terletak ?
Kami mempunyai 2 sekolah surfing, di Kuta dan Sanur, Bali
Kami bukanlah satu-satunya sekolah surfing di Bali, tetapi kami mempunyai 2 sekolah surfing di Bali. Lokasi strategis di Sanur dan Kuta, keduanya dilengkapi dengan fasilitas unik dan keuntungan tersendiri.

Di design dengan sempurna, dibuat dan diisi dengan perlengkapan penunjang pelajaran surfing untuk pemula, menengah bahkan profesional.
Do I need to make a booking for surfing?
Yes, we require a confirmed booking for our lessons
Booking sangatlah penting bagi kami, untuk menyiapkan semua jenis pelajaran surfing di Bali. Anda bisa mem booking melalui website kami dengan meng-klik tombol Booking & Bayar, atau ookings can be made directly on our website using the Book & Pay button or via our many communication channels such as E-mail, WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook etc.

Operating with the two most biggest and modern surf schools in Bali combined with professional staff, we are available to accommodate high numbers of students in small groups of maximum 3 surfers for 1 instructor.

However, in high season, availability is limited and bookings should be confirmed promptly.
Does rain affect surfing?
No, generally rain does not affect surfing in Bali
Generally, rain is not a factor for our surfing activities.

Our certified surfing instructors analyse weather and surfing conditions constantly before and throughout the surfing day.

In case that surfing conditions are considered dangerous, we will cancel and reschedule at the next most appropriate moment. 
Do I need to know how to swim for surfing?
Yes, you must know how to swim before beginning surfing lessons
Swimming is one of the most basic requirements for surfing, both for Beginner Lessons but specially for Intermediate Lessons.

To help reach your surfing dream, we provide free swimming lessons. Our surf school in Sanur is equipment with a professional 12 x 6 meters swimming pool where we are able to teach both young children and adults or where pro surfers can exercise.
Do I have to be a strong swimmer to surf?
No, you do not have to be a strong swimmer
Swimming is a necessity but swimming strongly or having big strong arms is not.

Beginner Lessons take place in waist deep waters where our certified surf instructors are able to analyse your potential and skills.

For Intermediate Lessons it is recommended to have enough stamina for for 50 – 200 meters continuous swimming.
Can I reschedule my booking?
Yes you can but with certain conditions
We take pride in being flexible in everything that we do and yes, it is possible to reschedule your surfing booking.

According to our guidelines and to maintain proper organisation, we appreciate reschedule requests to be sent 48 hours prior to the surfing date.

Reschedule requests sent within 24 hours before the surfing date are subject to variable extra costs. 
Mulai dari surfer pemula, menengah hingga Pro, agen wisata perjalanan dan wisata keluarga, simak pendapat orang dari seluruh dunia
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Bergabunglah dengan hampir 2.000 tamu bulanan dari seluruh dunia, mengunjungi Neptune untuk menyelam dan berselancar di Sanur dan Kuta.
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